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Ontario is failing both to incentivize and protect low-carbon energy.

Our goals:

1. Close the carbon tax loophole

2. Refurbish Pickering or replace it with nuclear


Ontario's carbon tax exempts 90% of gas plant emissions.


Gas plants will replace the clean power from Pickering Nuclear Generation Station.

An independent, pro-science campaign to raise awareness of two troubling facts:

Ontario gas plants are only taxed for emissions over 370 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour. This unreasonably high threshold means gas plants pay the carbon tax on only 10% of their carbon emissions.

Around the world when nuclear plants close, the lost power has been replaced by burning fossil fuels. The IESO confirms that Pickering will be replaced with gas—gas that will almost entirely avoid the carbon tax.


Endorsed by Dr. James Hansen

Columbia University Earth Institute

"I support the campaign to Tax the Gas Plants & Save Pickering... Instead of creating a level playing field for all clean energies... as would be obtained via an honest across-the-board carbon fee or tax... the U.S. has so disadvantaged nuclear power that it leaves the door wide open for Canada to be a technology and commercial leader in modern nuclear power."




Tax the Gas Plants & Save Pickering is a campaign by Canadians for Nuclear Energy, a non-partisan, industry-independent, grassroots environmental non-profit that sees the reliable, zero-emissions electricity from nuclear reactors as an essential part of our clean energy future. Learn more at

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